BARBARIAN CAMPS Kingdoms of Camelot Barbarian Camps cannot be conquered or controlled but they are an excellent way to get food, small amounts of other resources. Barbarian camps give the following resources if defeated; gold 100X level, food 100K X level, 10K woodXlevel, 1K stone X level, and 100 ore X level Raid barbarian camps two at a time. It’s much more efficient to raid 2 level 2 camps than one level 3 camp. The armies don’t have to be the same level either. You could raid one level 4 camp and one level 3 camp at a time, until you get the second city built up. The following is the recommended minimum number of troops you should use (assuming you have HIGH levels of research done); BB1: 500 Archers, 500 supply troops. BB2 500 SP+ 2,500 Archers BB3: 1,410 SP + 3,000 Archers or 500 SP + 5,000 BB4: 600 SPand 7,500 Archer B5:15,000 Archers

B6+ Don’t bother, stick with Barb 4 camps! It’s not an efficient way to use troops. Barbarian Camps usually yield 1000 Gold, 100K Food, 10,000 Lumber, 100 Ore per Level.So taking out two level 3 Camps gets the same loot as a level 6 but takes less than half the troops. Barbarian camps restock to 100% levels in 1 hour. If you attack before 1 hour you will get a % of the resources based on time elapsed ie 30 minutes = 50% of normal, 15 min =25% etc.. Sell your spoils on the Market! This will give you a good steady source of Gold for Research. You can also send to other members of the Alliance to help them out.

Also you can barb with cavalry

B1: 1000 cav

B2: 3000 cav

B3: 5000 cav

B4+ not without losses

Cavalry are good because you can barb a lot faster archers move at 250 cavalry move at 1000 which translates into barbing 4x as many as an archer will in an hour. *note start with archers first*