Okay a little on attack procedures. You need to have at least a lvl 8 watchtower to get any info from an incoming attack. When you are attacked simply copy the report and post it in the chat window so everyone know what they are attacking with ect. Give us an eta on when they get there your cords their cords your embassy lvl and what you have to defend with. Store houses are good but in the higher lvls of the game are useless you will need a DUMP wild…this means a random ass lvl1 (other then plain hill is best) wild at least 50 spaces away from your city. This allows for your supplies getting out of your city before the attack and while they are marching they are in a kind of non attackable limbo. Once the attack is over just simply return them to your city and continue. Now when an attack happens there should be one person who is close to the attacker that scouts them and see what they have in their city defending and resource wise. There is nothing worse than attacking someone (most people send all their troops) and then getting counter attacked while your troops are still attacking someone else. This counter attack strategy coupled with not getting any of your resources and hopefully massive losses from alliance reinforcing the defender will crush any resolve that person has with ever messing with you again. so we will run a scenario.

1. Oh god dalorian is attacking me!

2. Copy paste report

3. Your cords and theirs

4. Embassy lvl what u have to defend with.

5. Alliance send reinforcements if its winnable.

6. Start moving out your resources

7. Message the player attacking u.

8. Someone needs to scout the attacker.

9. Decide if counter attack is an option

10. If it is hit him hard. (more troops sent less losses for us)

11. Defended successfully or you don’t defend and they still gets nothing and or they loses a lot from counter attack.

If you can fallow these few simple strategies no one will mess with you. When an attack occurs ALL BUILDING STOPS! And *ATTACK* is typed in all alliance chat windows. This lets people know what going on and gets everyone to stop building and start kicking some ass. The key to having a successful alliance in war time is communication. If you have any questions let me know.