There are 31 spaces in your city layout should be like this or close

1 alchemy lab- you need for research (get asap)

1 embassy- join alliance and allow alliance members to send troops to help defend u when your being attacked.

1 stable- to be able to build cavalry.

1 blacksmith- need for swords man and heavy cavalry

1 workshop- to upgrade your wall

1 knights hall- to assign night that will gain exp and help reduce time on everything (get ASAP)

1 Relief station- helps speed troop movment between allied citys

1 Watch tower- tells you of incoming attack. (must have) lvl 8 to get any useful info

1 rally point- you need your rally point to be able to send your troops anywhere.

1 market- allows you to sell and buy resources

1 store house- protects a certain amount of resources from being stolen if your attacked but not gold.

No tavern- taverns are useless go in your castle and turn your tax rate to 0 this increases happiness and you can levy gold form the citizens in your castle for more than u will ever make from taxes levy gold when populations happiness reaches 100.

6 cottages – these determine how many people u can have. You use people for working the field and training troops. Idle pop you can train with.

14 barracks- these build your troops the more barracks you have and the higher the lvl they are the faster they will train troops.