Hello Lord/Lady

You are receiving this Email because you sent me a note on why we are attacking/scouting your village. I receive many of these messages every day, and it would be very difficult to respond to them individually. I will be using this form.

I am attacking your village because:

[] I'm not destroying you, I'm farming you to improve my own villagers way of life.

[] You are no threat to me. Even if my attacks would fail, there is no way you could retaliate

[] You are small

[] You are obviously not active

[] You are whiny

[] You are close by, better targets are just too far for me to attack

[] Fail to understand this game it is a war game.

[] Could have seen this coming when I scouted you, yet failed to respond (lol)

[] Do not know the meaning of manners.

While I see that you are now making efforts to defend your village through diplomatic means, I do not care because:

[] It is too late as I've already sent my troops and cannot cancel them

[] Your message has only infuriated me more

Lord/Lady.... thanks you for your message. I would like express that your message is important to Me. I hope this form response has answered any of the questions you had. If you have any further questions or comments please feel free to: [X] Upgrade your farms so I can feed my troops. Thank you again, Lady or Lord