PRO TIPS FROM DALORIAN (helping u reach 50k)

1. Do not have a tavern. Use the extra space for a barracks. And set your taxes to zero in your castle and levy gold once happiness of your population is 100 this gives you more gold then taxes makes and insure your populations trend is always up and of coarse cuts troop training time with the extra barracks.

2. Knights hall MAKE sure you have at least 4 knight one in each role and make sure your assigning the skill points they earn in the area they need them. Also leveling the hall isn’t a bad idea.( you can also assign your knight for your second city as soon as you build your first knights hall then later reassign them with one supply troop to your second city. This allows for a lot better bonus, as they are already leveled.)

3. Resources I know all of you have been sitting there going I wish I had more xxxxx. A good rule of thumb whatever lvl your castle is your fields should all be 2 lvls higher then it.

4. Archers are the best source of might. They give 4 might per 1 archer so u make 500 that 2000 might. And are overall the best unite in the game.

5. You will need lots of wood for archers and since your citys are mostly mines (cuz I know u read the guide) you need to get archers soon and be attacking barbarian camps. Details on them in the guide.

6. The cheapest buildings for gaining might are cottages and barracks they give you the most might for the least amount of training time. ( and you have the most of them)

7. If you can buy from the market low and sell high. It is possible to control the market for your province. I often do. Ie. I put stone up for 5 then I underbid myself by putting more up for 4 people think they are getting a deal and buy it up quick.

8. Gifting. Do it it helps everyone out. Always gift stone wood and ore. Food you get from barbarian camps. Gold is way to easy to get.

9. Make sure your posting your build to alliance chat by checking the publish box and then hitting publish.

10. Castles and walls give you the most might boost out of building. They take the most resources and the longest but still a lvl 10 castle gives you 25k might

Fallowing these 10 simple rules will allow you to have enough resources to produce whatever you need and increase your might fast. I have yet to run out of resources since I started this server. Fallow the tips and the guide they work.